Every endpoint. Every hour. Zero Trust day or night.

Zero Trust. Managed on the Microsoft Cloud.

Aegis Innovators offers no third party Installs, and no bloated software costs

Microsoft’s endpoint security platform leads the world. You already have it. We help you harness it.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is natively included in Microsoft 365 licensing. Combined with the Zero Trust framework, you can build the operational capacities to protect your organization from bad actors in the long-term.

Work with us to establish your Identity Framework

Giving the right access at the right time to only those who need it is at the heart of a Zero Trust philosophy:

Security Assessment and Planning

Work with Aegis Innovators to assess your end-point vulnerabilities and plan conditional access deployment. Together we build a foundation of active and fallback policies for your Access Policy Enforcement.

Zero Trust Deployment & Implementation

Through our automated deployment process, we’re able to quickly implement our Zero Trust policies, securing your organization from cyber threats fast. Once our policies are in place, we monitor if they’ve been tampered with and alert your team if unauthorized changes are made, keeping you in compliance. 

Managed Detection & Response

With Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, we harden a world class EDR product with our Zero Trust policies, making for a formidable endpoint security solution. Our Aegis engineers monitor custom-configured alerts in Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Azure, so you can be sure that incidents are quickly caught and reported, with expert remediation recommendations. 

Employee Awareness Training

You can do this, but you’ll need help. Every Zero Trust engagement comes with knowledge transfer and collaboration protocols where you learn how to secure your systems alongside us and evangelize Zero Trust throughout your organization, which includes training exercises such as phishing simulations.

Identity & Access Management

Azure enables a framework of controls such as additional authentication factors, terms of use, limited access, and other session semantics regulates access. We can walk you through how to best adjust and apply these tools.

Passwordless Authentication & Single Sign-on

Use passwordless authentication to reduce the risk of phishing and password attacks. With Azure AD supporting FIDO 2.0 and passwordless phone sign-in, you can move the needle on the credentials that your users (especially sensitive/privileged users) are employing day-to-day.

Implement a world-class strategy of Microsoft Zero Trust

Want to bring Zero Trust to your customers?

Security for MSPs and Solution Providers

You need a managed security offering. We can help you Implement Zero Trust with Aegis Innovators’ white label services.

Zero Trust implementation and monitoring starts at $1799 per month and $16/user

Scale Your Business Securely with Superior Visibility and Control