Bring Zero Trust to clients who need it most.

Pass on added value and security to your clients when you become a Strategic Partner with Aegis Innovators.

Zero Trust requires a lot of your time and resources.

You serve a wide variety of clients from different industries, all with unique IT needs. But with cyber crime growing into a $6 trillion industry, security is top-of-mind for you and your clients. Implementing and monitoring comprehensive security strategies is an intense use of your resources. If you want to scale your business while offering the value your clients expect, you’ll need help.

Aegis Innovators helps you deliver security services at scale.

From marketing resources to technical support and resellers incentives, you can now get the support you need to offer Zero Trust security protocols to your clients.

By working with Aegis Innovators, you’ll benefit from our expert knowledge of security hygiene and Microsoft resources like Security Center and MCAS. Plus, we offer deployment options that make sense for you.

Partnering with Aegis Innovators

Tired of one-size-fits-all partnership plans? Our options let you pick what makes the most sense for your business—we provide the resources, and you set the retail price for your clients.

Co-sell Partner

No internal deployment

No Liability

Passive Income

15% commission
*plus volume incentives

ZTaaS Partner

Deploy Internally

Low upfront/ 2 year commitment

Best Reseller Incentives

Strategic Partner

ZT Project Partner

Deploy Internally

Higher upfront/ No commitment

Reseller Incentives

No long term commitments

Becoming a ZTaaS Partner

With a 2-year partnership, you can enjoy an array of perks as you bring Zero Trust to your clients.

Lower Upfront Fees

With monthly fees starting at $825

Reseller Perks

$275 off your monthly base fee for each deal resold with further per user incentives.

Customized Plans

Partner tiers custom-built for businesses of different sizes and needs.

State of the Art

We use modern technologies and advanced solutions to develop our products.

Aegis Shield

Enjoy extra protection with our automated Windows event log alert and monitoring system.

Quarterly Policy Updates

As cyber security threats evolve, so do our policies. Every quarter we offer updates that keep you and your clients safe.

Becoming a ZT Project Partner

Want project-based access to our Zero Trust expertise? Become a partner with no long-term commitment.

No Monthly Fees

One-time setup fee and no term commitments.

Reseller Perks

$2000 cash rebate per deal resold, with per user incentives.

Post Implementation Support

Up to 4 hours of support after implementation.

Ready to become an Aegis Innovators Partner?