Microsoft Teams is Free for 6 Months

As we are all scrambling for external monitors, desks, and home office snacks. Microsoft has put together an offer to simplify the transition to the remote work life. They are offering Microsoft Teams for free for 6 months. This gives remote employees a secure way to chat, share documents, and host video/conference conference calls from the comfort of their home.

IT departments love Teams as well because they can maintain control over business data without sacrificing employee productivity. Here is the link to sign up for free. Please be aware of the differences between the free and paid versions as outlined below:

Check out the video below outlining how you can get setup. Individuals, can sign up with just an email address. However, we recommend that companies setup Teams for the organization in order to setup stronger security controls.

For an organization to get setup on Teams, they need to reach out to a Microsoft Partner like AEGIS INNOVATORS. It is important to find an expert for implementing such a powerful and transformative tool, especially one who understands security controls, adoption, and change management.

Teams is the fastest growing app in Microsoft history and this is a great opportunity to evaluate if it is right for your organization. Our team is ready to help companies that are trying to get setup to work from home, especially in this time of need when speed and simplicity of delivery is paramount. Please schedule some time with us here.

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