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Our vision is to help businesses and their people create, collaborate, and work freely—without fear

We see the threats ahead

Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with any issue that you may come across. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding.

At Aegis Innovators, our mission is to protect businesses and their people as they navigate the digital world.

Meet the leadership team

Oscar Rodriguez

CEO & Founder

From Senior Network Engineer at Walt Disney to CEO at Aegis Innovators, Oscar Rodriguez’s passion has been in helping companies with their IT needs. His love for this industry started at a young age watching his father, a programmer at NASA and later an IBM representative.

Reza Palizban

President & Co-founder

An experienced management consultant and CIO of a 130-employee distribution firm, Reza has a diverse business background. Reza’s understanding of Finance, BI, Sales, Marketing, and Technical Operations gives Aegis Innovators and its clients a leader who can quickly adapt and understand the nuances of the fast-paced modern business environment.

Ashok Patel

VP of Technical Services & Co-founder

Serving in the technology sector for over 30 years, Ashok has become an expert IT consultant. He served as both an MIS Manager and Director for enterprise health care organizations from the 1990s to the 2000’s such as Regency Health, Sun Plus Home Health, and Sun Healthcare Group. In 2006, Ashok purchased his own business in the form of a franchisee called Computer Troubleshooters. Based in Irvine, the franchisee took the name CT University Irvine until it merged with WorldEdge Technology in 2019 to form what is now Aegis Innovators.

Our Insights

IAMCP 2023 P2P Award - Americas Gold Winner

“Congratulations to Aegis Innovators and BigCloud Consultants for being the 2023 IAMCP AMERICAS P2P Awards Solutions Winners. The IAMCP P2P Awards recognize member companies that demonstrate excellence in partnering resulting in better solutions for customers and improved business outcomes. In a global community that thrives on partnering, receiving this award is an impressive accomplishment.”

Paul Solski, International P2P Committee Chair

IAMCP 2022 P2P Award - Americas Gold Winner

“The IAMCP P2P Awards are given to member companies that illustrate the highest standard in partnering and delivery of joint solutions that significantly benefit customers. In a global community that thrives on partnering, winning this award is an impressive accomplishment.”

-Paul Solski, International P2P Committee Chair

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